Welcome to CotonRags where our aim is to breed lovable, healthy coloured Coton de Tulear puppies.

All the 2017 puppies have now found homes.

Here at CotonRags we really enjoy breeding Coton de Tulears. Having known the breed for several years and being experienced at breeding cats, the idea of ‘cooking’ some Cotons became irresistible. After 7 years with us in the UK, our original Coton de Tulear pet, Ethel, went to live with a lovely family in England when we had to move to the Far East. It was so strange not to have her around that the gap just had to be filled. We found Dillon, a six year old champion show Coton, and he joined us overseas from Ireland. Later back in the UK, his two new lady friends, Prudence and Essie (gorgeous black & white half sisters) came over from Texas, USA and that was our start. Now we live in Kent and our gang of Cotons has grown to six.


From the beginning I have had very generous support and advice from Peter Summersgill, Dillon’s previous owner and a long established breeder in Ireland.

We will remain small hobby breeders so there will not be puppies all that often. Our Cotons live in the house with us and our two cats. The dogs have the luxury of countryside walks as we live in a fairly rural area.

CotonRags is registered with APRI (American registry) and The Kennel Club.

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Contact us on: denny_jean@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in adopting one of our puppies.