Available CotonRags Puppies

The following are the three puppies still looking for families (as at 26th March 2017). They are from Marigold and Doogie. From this weekend (25/26 March) these puppies are ready to leave as soon as they find a family.

Cotonrags Marvin (male)

Marvin c

This is Marvin, (aka Marvel) the only boy in this litter. He is the biggest, but not by much. He seems to be developing to be a gentle soul though not timid. Marvin is wearing a turquoise collar. Like all his sibling the biscuit colouring he currently has will fade and he will be an all white dog. Photo taken 21.3.17. I’m developing a real soft spot for Marvin. Marvin has joined his family not too far away from me where he will continue to be known as Marvin. Yay! SOLD

Cotonrags Molly (female)

Molly b

At the moment Molly (aka Moll) is the smallest puppy but growing fast. She is lively and healthy, eating well and learning her manners – someone has to be the smallest! She has become quite a character. She alone can still squeeze through the bars on the baby gate and retrieve toys that the others can only wish for. It has been very amusing to watch her get toys back to the other side but it’s a game I have to stop now in case she gets stuck. Molly currently has biscuit colouring on her head and ears but this will fade and she, like the others, will become an all white dog. Molly wears a brown collar. Photo taken 21.3.17. SOLD

Cotonrags Monica (female)

Monica a

Monica wears a dark blue collar. She is another one, like Macy and Mavis, who seems to be right in the thick of it whenever what is going on, is going on. The biscuit colouring to her head will fade and she will be an all white girl. Monica is very cooperative at bath and hairdryer time. Photo taken 21.3.17 SOLD




The three puppies pictured below are from Hilda and Doogie. This is Hilda’s second litter and she has proved to be an excellent mother again. They have all be sold and left this week to join their new families.

Cotonrags Hartley (male)


Hartley is the big little boy of this litter. Hilda (Mum) only had three babies for this, her second, litter and they are all big for their age. I imagine their big size is due to the ease of feeding they have had through babyhood. Their growth will even out so they won’t be giant Cotons as adults! Hartley has some biscuit colouring but this will fade to all white by the time he is 3 years old (probably sooner). He still has a bit more black to come in on his nose leather but it is mostly done. He is a bold friendly boy and is going to make a lovely pet. As you can see he is already an accomplished kisser.  SOLD

Cotonrags Hugo (male)

Hugo 2a

Hugo has a little, very pale biscuit colouring but is almost all white. He will become all white as he ages. His nose leather and other ‘black’ bits are all in already. I think he is very handsome and he has a cute little personality. He enjoys human attention, gets on well with all the other animals and plays really well with his siblings. Photo taken 14.3.17. Hugo has been chosen by Tina and family. SOLD

Cotonrags Hope (female)

Hope 2b

Hope is the sole girl from this group. She is just as fiesty as her brothers and not really any smaller. She is the most solidly white of all the current puppies. She just has a very pale biscuit hue to one ear. All the puppies will fade to pure white in time. This photo was taken 14.3.17. Hope will be renamed Daphne and is set to join Susan and her 4 sons. SOLD


Below are photos of Marigold and Doogie’s litter. They were born on 25th January so will be ready to leave from 25th March. The ones pictured below have found their new families. Currently 3 of their litter-mates are still looking for families and they are shown at the head of this page.

Cotonrags Macy (female)

Macy orange

Macy is not the biggest of the litter but she is among the most adventurous. She is white with a bit of biscuit colouring on her ears. That biscuit colouring will fade so that she will become all white. Currently she (like some of her siblings) has a bit of tear-staining in the corner of her eyes. It occurs with some puppies when they are very small and disappears once their faces enlarge a little and the stained fur grows out. The six babies in this litter look fairly similar en masse so they have different coloured collars to ensure purchasers get the puppy that they chose. As seen in the photo Macy wears orange. Macy has found a lovely home with Kevin and Michael and will be joining them on Mothers’ Day. SOLD

Cotonrags Marta (female)

Marta black

Marta is slightly bigger than most of her siblings. She is a confident and inquisitive girl. Her collar colour is black. Marta has an umbilical hernia (sticky out belly button). This is quite a common phenomena with Coton puppies and should cause her absolutely no problems. A vet can correct it when she gets neutered when older but it is not serious enough to warrant an anaesthetic on its own account. Marta has been chosen by Petra, her two daughters and their Dad. Dad has gone off to think up a spectacular name for this newest addition to their family. SOLD

Cotonrags Mavis (female)

Mavis red

Mavis is a ‘people person’. At this age they change almost daily, but so far she is right at the front when it comes to a bit of human attention. Mavis is wearing a red collar. She, like the rest of her litter, is doing pretty well with paper training. She always uses the ‘paper’ when she is in the playpen though she has had the odd accident when she gets free run of the living room and excitement makes her forgetful. Still it’s early days. Mavis has been chosen by Isabelle and her daughters. I think Marvis chose them as much as they chose her. It’s going to be a good family combination. SOLD




We breed Cotons with colour for no other reason than that we like them. (Sadly it is getting harder to achieve Colour in my puppies as the generations progress.) Although black & white is not a colour recognised by the British Kennel Club at this time, it is a genuine colour for the breed and as such is even depicted on the Malagasy (Madagascan) postage stamp.




Though it will not be possible to show the coloured dogs until the KC change the rules, having black in their coats will be no hindrance at all to these Coton puppies being wonderful pets.



Contact us by email if you would like to own one of these very special and very rare dogs.