These are Cotons we cooked earlier who are now with their forever families.

Photos of many of these babies as older dogs can be found on the Testimonials page. For me it’s fun to get news of them and see how they turned out.

Cotonrags Magnus (male)


Magnus has a very pretty face for a boy. He is gentle and playful. He gets on well with all his siblings. He used to wriggle a bit at grooming time but lately he has become a doddle to bath and brush. Magnus wears a yellow collar to differentiate him from his siblings. (photo taken 9.3.16)  After a long struggle to decide who to choose because “all the puppies are so nice in looks and personality” it was decided that Magnus would be going home to Jason, Teresa and family. SOLD

Cotonrags Manfred (male)


Manfred is this puppy’s registered name, but we’ve got into the habit of calling him ‘Baby Black’. He wears a black collar and so did his older half brother Horace, but there is something very baby sweet about Manfred. Like the others in his litter Manfred has a very good coat. He has quite dark biscuit colouring on his ears; I don’t know if that will remain or eventually fade to white. He is medium size compared to the others. (photo taken 12.3.16) SOLD

Cotonrags Milo (male)


Milo is wearing a green collar and that may be significant. He is a puppy of contrasts. If he is on my lap he just lies there relaxed even if I put him on his back. On the other hand, on the floor, he skiddadles around all over the place. He is not overly lively, just enjoying life. He is a wonderful happy puppy, smaller than his brother but growing well. The last puppy who wore green was also very laid back when being petted. Perhaps they should all wear green! (photo taken 17.3.16) Ready to leave when he finds the right family. Emma and Matthew came to see Betsy but couldn’t resist Milo so have taken them both home. SOLD

Cotonrags Betsy (female)


Betsy is the only girl I have looking for a home.  She wears a tan coloured collar. As she grows Betsy is becoming a really pretty girl. Not shy and not too lively; someone is really going to like her. Betsy doesn’t make herself stand out from the crowd and is just an easy puppy to have around. She has an amusing habit of trying to cover things up by trying (unsuccessfully) to lift blankets, beds and wee pads with her nose and put them on top of the thing that must be hidden. She is ready to go now. (photo taken 12.3.16) Betsy (and her half brother Milo) have gone home with, lovely couple, Emma and Matthew. SOLD

Cotonrags Baldric (male)


Baldric is a sweet little boy. I have updated Baldric’s photo (17th March/11 weeks old) to show what a gorgeous puppy he has developed into. He has a lovely thick coat. He has biscuit colouring to his head and ears which may remain but will probably fade to white over time. Baldric wears a dark blue collar. I am a bit amazed that Baldric is still looking for a family as he has a really nice personality. I hope someone chooses him soon as the longer I know him the harder it will be to part with him. Baldric has found the right family and will be heading down to Cornwall with Janet on Good Friday. SOLD

Cotonrags Marmaduke (male)


Marmaduke is a gorgeous chunky monkey. His Grandfather on his mother’s side is a Cruft’s winner and it really shows in his wonderful thick coat. He is a happy, playful pup and will be ready to go as soon as he finds the right people. He is wearing a tan coloured collar. Marmaduke is calm and cooperative with baths and grooming. He is pretty reliable on the wee wee pads. He would do well both in a family with children and other pets or with a quieter family as he is confident and adaptable. Marmaduke is just back from getting his second vaccination at the vet’s where he was admired by all and sundry. Now he only has to wait until next Monday (28th March)to go for walks in public places. He behaved impeccably  at the vet’s and neither the other animals nor the people worried him in the least. Marmaduke is very keen to give kisses. (photo taken 12.3.16) Marmaduke has gone home with Jo and Gordon.  SOLD

Cotonrags Matilda Ginny (female)


Ginny, as she is known, is a little princess. Dressed in a pink collar she stays very calm and ladylike when chaos is all around, or even on top of her in the shape of bundling siblings. Not for her the cold floor tiles – she puts herself to bed on the cosy blanket in the crate whilst others are apt to sleep where they drop. This girl is the very model of decorum. Ginny will soon be joining Fabian and Lyla. Fabian has been waiting over a year for a puppy from CotonRags – what a compliment! SOLD

CotonRags Maeve Mitzi (female)


Maeve has been known as Mitzi from very early days. She is currently the smallest in her litter and uses her compact size in Houdini fashion. If it can be got through, under or around the side of, Mitzi can do it. Vanessa and her daughter are going to have to be on the alert once Mitzi joins them. SOLD


CotonRags Bruna


Bruna is a lovely little girl. She is quite chunky (in a small way) compared to her sisters. She has nice, even pale biscuit markings on her head, biscuit ears and is wearing a distinguishing purple collar. Bruna is doing really well with paper training despite her young age. Bruna has been chosen by Julie and family. Bruna has gone to her new people now and will be known as Snowy. SOLD.

CotonRags Bridie


Bridie was the second to smallest puppy in this litter but is now the second to largest girl. She has a small umbilical hernia (sticky out belly button) but it should not cause her any problems and is easily fixed when she gets neutered. Bridie wears a red collar. She has the nick name ‘Commando’ due to the funny backwards, bottom wobbling, crawl she does when she finds a particularly interesting toy to snaffle from her siblings. A new development with Bridie is that she holds one of her ears higher than the other. Not quite so high as it looks in this photo but not in balance with the other. She has been to the surgery and two vets checked it out. Her inner ear is perfectly formed, she can hear and they can find no reason to account for things. Since she can move her ear at will they have come to the conclusion that she just chooses to do it. She won’t win a dog show this way but the look certainly gives Bridie character. I think it would be best if Bridie went to a person/family who are used to owning dogs. She can be very, very good like on car journeys and when she is content but just sometimes she gets a bit strident about making her feelings known. A firm attitude might be called for or it could be that as soon as she is no longer competing for attention she will settle more. She is entertaining though… still doing the commando crawl. The Partridge family were attracted to Bridie’s character and characterful looks so she will be going to live with them in Macclesfield.  SOLD

CotonRags Babette


Babette mingles in with all the puppies and is no trouble to anyone. She wears a yellow collar. She has had more than one bath and has had her toenails clipped and it didn’t cause her any concern. She is very endearing and I think she is going to blossom when she gets a family of her own. Babette has been chosen by Julie in Cheshire so she now has a family where she will have two new playmates and her summer holiday is already booked! And her name is now Darcy. SOLD

CotonRags Basil

DSC_0701 - Version 2

Basil is fast becoming one of my favourites. He looks like a little hard nut though is actually really gentle and laid back. He is another early achiever with the paper training too. That’s not the main reason he is so growing on me but it helps. Basil is about the biggest in his litter. He has grown so much over the last few days that he can be momentarily muddled with his older cousins. Basil wears a turquoise collar. Basil has been chosen by Rochelle and Simon who plan to call him Einstein. Einstein is a dream of a puppy. SOLD.

CotonRags Bilbo


Bilbo is a handsome boy. His front paw pads are nearly all black already and he has lovely big eyes. Another puppy with a nice even temperament. Bilbo wears a bright green collar. Bilbo has been chosen by Gabriela, Liz and Terry so he has a lovely family to join in a couple of weeks. I get the impression that Gabriela can hardly wait for newly named Teddy Bilbo Bear to join her. SOLD

CotonRags Biscuit


Biscuit was named for her biscuit coloured ears. She is the second to smallest in her litter of small siblings but she was the first to discover solid food. She is adventurous and confident. Biscuit wears an orange collar. Biscuit has been chosen by Saima, Paul and Bella and might get to be in on the creation of some wonderful music. Her name is now Frieda. SOLD


CotonRags Happy


Happy wears a grey collar so we can distinguish him from his brothers. He is a cute, even tempered little boy who is eager to get out of bed and greet all the humans in the house. He is full of beans. He is a lovely chunky size for his age and his tail never stops wagging. His name is Happy and he bounces around at play, but he never looks very happy in a photograph. I need David Bailey to do him justice. The Ellis family drove a fair distance today to come and meet Happy. I’m delighted to say that they liked him enough to want to drive all the way back in a few days time to take him home with them. Happy will be known as Stanley from now on. SOLD

CotonRags Hedwig


Hedwig and his brothers were born on Christmas night. This photo was taken 11th Feb so he is 6 weeks+ old. He is still developing his black nose leather but it is nearly complete now. Hedwig is an extremely friendly boy; he prefers a cuddle to toys or food. He wears a brown collar. Hedwig has now been chosen and will be joining the Gorniak family. SOLD

CotonRags Herman


Herman is the only puppy born with colour this year. He is the biggest too and doesn’t need a collar to distinguish him. Herman will be going to live with Matt, his partner Elin and his very supportive parents who already have a Coton. SOLD

CotonRags Hector


Hector is becoming very loveable. He bounces towards you when he sees you coming. He wears a dark green collar. Hector has worked his magic on Jo and her husband so he will be joining their family as soon as he is old enough. SOLD

CotonRags Hamish


Hamish is such a sweet puppy. In our house he is the wearer of a tan coloured collar. Hamish was the first to be chosen and will be going to live with Tabitha and Wai when he is old enough and gets visits from them while he waits. SOLD

CotonRags Horace


Horace was one of the first puppies to be chosen and then we thought his placement had fallen through. He is from the Christmas Day litter (parents Hilda and Doogie). He is a very good natured boy, very reliable with wee pads and has an endearing way of lolloping around with his ears flapping up and down as he goes. He has started to bring me toys occasionally. He is a very good looking Coton, show quality I think, with a good coat and perfect black in all the places it should be. In this photo he is 9 1/2 weeks old; photo taken 2.3.16. Despite a very difficult personal time, the original family came back for Horace so his name will be Humphrey after all. SOLD



CotonRags Echo (female)


Echo is from Essie’s last litter, born on 1st April. I’m so sad that Essie has finished her days as a Mum as she has the most wonderful puppies. Doogie is the Dad. Echo is a very easy little girl to live with. No fuss at bath or grooming time, a sturdy little constitution, doing pretty well with toilet training and plays well with her siblings. Currently her ears are biscuit coloured but they will fade to white. She has a very good coat in general and good black colouring where it should be. Echo will be ready to leave from Saturday 30th May. After a bit of exposure to see if any allergies arose, Kuha and her son have chosen Echo to join their family. SOLD

CotonRags Easter (female)


Easter has been chosen by Andrew, Patti and family. Originally they had wanted Annabelle, but the timing was not right so they were delighted to know another little tricolour girl was waiting in the wings. A visit confirmed that she was an ideal substitute. They are naming her Ella and she will be joining them as soon as she is old enough and they are back from their travels. SOLD

CotonRags Enoch (male)


Enoch has been known as Uno from very early in his life when he was chosen by Anika, Pia and the rest of the family. It must feel like a long wait for them. They have also chosen Uno’s half brother Snowie (Brandon as was) and I’m delighted that the two boys will have such a loving home together. SOLD

CotonRags Walter (male)


Walter stayed with me until he was nearly 6 months old.  He is friendly and inquisitive, loves his walks and has a happy lolloping gait. He is quite a chunky boy for his age. He gives his paw for a treat and will sit on command. Someone should have great fun teaching him more commands as he thoroughly enjoys the one to one of training. Walter would cope very well with a lively family and other dogs if applicable. He has met cats but not at close quarters. Walter enjoys playing with a variety of toys which he helps himself to from the toy box. Once he does not have so many other dogs to rough and tumble with his appearance should stay a bit smarter. All the photos above were taken today – Monday 21st September. Walter is 5 months 3 week old. He is Kennel Club registered, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated, has been DNA tested and will come with 4 weeks free insurance cover. Walter has left to share life with Marija and Barney in Hastings. SOLD


CotonRags Bernard (male)


Bernard wears a purple collar so that he can be distinguished from his brothers. He enjoys a bath but so far has not been too keen on the hairdryer. He is a calm, peaceful little fella. In no way timid, he takes everything in his stride but he is happy to play with his toys and does not feel the need to be under your feet at every move. Photo taken 24th April 2015. Bernard is fully vaccinated now. I think Bernard would do best in a fairly quiet home. With his gentle soul he is going to be a very loyal and loving friend to someone but he is not so keen on boisterous children. Bernard has been chosen and has gone to be a companion to Wendy in Leamington Spa. SOLD

CotonRags Benjamin (male)


Benjamin wears orange. He is a live wire. He likes to be involved in what ever you are doing regardless of how helpful, or NOT, that might be. Ben is an accomplished mop chaser. He is a bit of a character but very sweet with it. I think he is the sort of dog who would really enjoy being trained to do tricks. Photo taken 24th April 2015. Benjamin has had both his inoculations. Benjamin has left to join Dorothy and all her grandchildren so he won’t be lacking attention in the future! SOLD

CotonRags Brandon (male)


This is Brandon and he wears yellow. He likes to sleep on my feet. He is another boy who likes water but hairdryers not so much. Personalities are really developing now that the puppies are getting older and Brandon is a real people puppy. He lives by that motto “A stranger is just a friend he hasn’t met yet” . Brandon is now named Snowie and will be one of two puppies going to live with Pia, Carlos, Franco and Anika. The older he gets the more handsome he gets. This boy is going to be a stunner. SOLD

CotonRags Boris (male)


Boris is the green collar boy. He has stolen the hearts of Faye, Connie and Penny who have renamed him Buddy. Something stood out about Boris from the early days but it’s hard to explain what. Suffice to say that before we gave them all different colours and got to know them, all the puppies were referred to as Boris or Not Boris. SOLD

CotonRags Bruno (male)


In this photo, Bruno looks as though he hasn’t slept in weeks!! All the puppies have some reddish tear stains at the moment but it is not as bad as the lighting in these pictures makes it look. Once the puppies “grow into their faces” that will stop happening and the fur will be white again. Bruno has a small umbilical hernia (sticky out belly button). That can be fixed when he gets neutered later or just left as it is as it will not cause him any problems. Bruno is very sweet, he looks into your eyes in a dreamy way and is very free with his kisses. He wears a blue collar. Those kisses worked their magic on the Stone family. SOLD

CotonRags Barnaby (male)


Barnaby wears brown. He has a really laid back personality. You can bath him, dry and brush him, clip his nails and do with him as you wish. He just lies in your lap and enjoys it. Attention is attention as far as Barnaby is concerned and he does like attention. He seems to enjoy his dry food more than the wet food, but he will eat both. Barnaby was visited by the Kara ladies and having spent a night with a snippet of his fur under the pillow and ascertained that he does not induce allergies they are coming back for him today. SOLD


CotonRags Annabelle (female)


Annabelle is the only girl in the litter. Her tri-colour coat will eventually pale to all white but she might retain black tips to her ears if you are lucky. She has a quiet nature and is a bit like a homing pigeon. After a short play she puts herself back to bed. Now that she is older she is not so inclined to put herself to bed. She has a lovely even nature; not too quiet and not too harum scarum. Annabelle is wee wee pad trained ready for progression to garden training with her new family. 2nd photo taken on Friday 24th April 2015. Annabelle has got a really lovely nature. She is calm and sensible. She has a really endearing way of cocking her head to one side like she is thinking “what do you mean?” because she is very eager to please. Annabelle is fully vaccinated and not only ready to join a new family but ready to go out into public spaces. Annabelle has been chosen by Charles and Jayne. SOLD

CotonRags Archibald (male)


Archibald has a very sweet nature. His nose leather and eyeliner colour is still in the process of coming in. It often takes a bit longer in the fully white dogs. It appears as though he is going to have the best coat of the litter and he is marginally the biggest. I think he is going to be a very good looking dog. Maureen, his new owner, is shortening his name to Archie and has taken him off to play around the caravans on the coast with his new big brother Marcus. SOLD

CotonRags Arthur (male)


Arthur is unusual in being born with so much colour although he will eventually turn white. At least I think he will! Arthur has been chosen by the O’Connell family and will now be called Jay Jay. SOLD.

CotonRags Alfred (male)


Alfred is actually much better looking than I have managed to capture in this photo. He is very confident and really enjoys his food. Alfred has been chosen by Freya and Tianee and will now be known as Beau. SOLD.

CotonRags Albert (male)


Albert is scrummy. Unlike the other puppies with colour in their coat, his is not temporary; the black and white will stay. Albert is very playful and big on licking your ankles. A really nice couple, Stuart and Inge came up from Cornwall to visit today and so Albert is now Oscar and will be joining them to live in the lap of luxury when he is old enough. SOLD


CotonRags Marigold (female)


Marigold will be staying with us. From the beginning she has been known as ‘Mucky faced Marigold’ and her photo makes it clear why. She has taken to paddling in the water bowls every chance she gets! STAYING with us to be a Mum one day.

CotonRags Earl (male)


Earl has been renamed Ollie by his new family. He was such a cuddle-bun and expert at giving kisses by the time he was collected by Helen he is bound to be a popular member of the household. SOLD.

CotonRags Elrick (male)


Elrick has become Alfie and (very exciting for me) has joined Judith and Bill in London where he will be little brother to Oscar (Elliott as was). What could be better proof that Cotons are wonderful than for families to come back for another! SOLD.


CotonRags Eavan (female)


Eavan means fair-haired and our Eavan is all white. The black of her nose leather, lips and eyeliner is still coming in. Eavan has been chosen by Mauro and family. Her new name is Lunar. SOLD

CotonRags Esme (female)


Esme is tricolour with a black band around her tail. I imagine that the colour on her head will fade in time but the tail ring may remain. Esme has stayed with me to become a breeding girl in the future. Her name is now Hilda.

CotonRags Edina (female)


Edina is a beefy little girl. She is all white with a hint if biscuit on her ears. Edina has been chosen by Wendy and family. She will be heading off for a life by the seaside. SOLD

CotonRags Eton (male)


Eton is black and white so his colour will not fade. He was a bit tired on his first photo shoot and gave us a big yawn. Eton is now named Darwin and will be joining Katie and Hannah’s family. They came already thinking he would be their choice from his photo and he didn’t disappoint. SOLD

CotonRags Eccles (male)


Eccles has very even markings on his head and ears and a big black circle on his back. Eccles has been chosen by Angela and Richard and will be living in Bonny Scotland. SOLD

CotonRags Ebeneza (male)


Ebeneza is tricoloured so he will become much paler as he grows. You can see the colour fading around his eyes already. Ebenezer is to be known as Bailey and will be going to live with Natalie and Louise. SOLD


 CotonRags Pumpkin (female)


Pumpkin is a colourful little girl. She has a circular patch of colour in the middle of her back and very even markings on her head. Thrills all round!! The ‘Green Bug’ family were so taken with their puppy Pablo (Pumpernickle) that their in-laws have asked if they can have his sister Pumpkin. Now the two will be in close contact for their future lives. I’m delighted and just know that they are going to be so loved by their great new families. This is what breeding is all about. SOLD

CotonRags Periwinkle (female)

Periwinkle is the smallest puppy in the litter, but very healthy. Not all her black colouring is in yet. She has one eye still waiting for its black eyeliner and has a bit more work to do on her nose leather too. All pups are born with pink noses etc., and it can take a while before all the black colouring -paw pads, nose, lips and eyeliner develop. She will be a pure white dog. Periwinkle is leaving for a life up north with Dawn and her current Coton, Tinkerbelle. They will make a fine duo… Tinkle and Winkle! SOLD
CotonRags Pinkerton (male)
Pinkerton is the largest puppy in the litter and looks like a St Bernard in miniature. He has three coloured spots on his back. If there are humans about he is straight there to greet them. Pink is still with me I COULDN’T LET HIM GO.
CotonRags Plimsole (male)

Plimsole has a Zoro mask which stretches almost to the tips of his ears. The rest of his body is white. He is the only black and white puppy in the litter. Plimsole has been named Bach by, musically talented children, Ganesh and Gayatri and will be moving into their home very soon. SOLD. I just love his new name!

CotonRags Pumpernickle (male)


Pumpernickle is a big little boy, all white, but with biscuit ears. The ear colour should fade to make him all white as an adult. Pumpernickle will be joining the ‘Green Bug’ family and they are excitedly awaiting his arrival. SOLD

CotonRags Pleasance (female)


Pleasance has a gorgeous face. The rest of her body is all white. The eye on the white side of her face will develop black eyeliner as she gets older. Pleasance has been chosen by Lorna and her name is to be Perdita. I think Perdy chose Lorna as much as the other way around. SOLD.


CotonRags Emerson (male)


This is Emerson who won the hearts of Ida, Nigel, Alice and Isabelle with his happy outlook on life. SOLD. Emerson will now be known as Pomme.

CotonRags Esmarelda (female)


Esmarelda has been chosen by Nazi and family. Nazi is friends with Earnest/Marley’s family so the two puppies will stay in contact. SOLD

CotonRags Elliot (male)


This is Elliot. He looks timid in this photo, holding on to my son’s hand for grim death!, but he is not a scaredy pup really. SOLD. Elliott has been chosen by Judith and Bill. They will be calling him Oscar.

CotonRags Egelatina (female)


Egelatina amuses me. She is a happy, self contained little girl and spends much of her resting time on her back with all four feet in the air. She has been chosen by Kasia and will now be known as Zoe. SOLD

CotonRags Earnest (male)


Earnest (now Marley) has been chosen and he will be going to live with Charlotte and her family in Cardiff. SOLD


CotonRags Columbo (male)


Columbo is the big boy of his litter. He has fawn coloured ears and a fawn ‘saddle’ that is only really visible when made wet in the bath. He is a big baby in every sense – still a bit of a tumfy who loves his Mum, Cloves. Ready from 27th October. SOLD

CotonRags CharlieHarry (male)


CharlieHarry wasn’t known by that name for very long. Otto as he is called now, has a lot of energy which is just as well because he has an important role to play in his new family. He will be trained on the PAWS program to help his youngest owner to communicate more freely and to learn other tasks like crossing the road safely. I wish them lots of luck I’m so excited to hear how they both get on in the future. SOLD

CotonRags Clara (female)


Clara is Clove’s only daughter. She has a thick, wavy (not quite right!) coat, worn in white with biscuit coloured ears and a biscuit coloured disc on her back. She is just as she looks, very sweet and girly. Ready from 27th October. SOLD.


CotonRags Eliza (female)

Eliza is Essie’s only daughter in this litter. She has Egyptian style eyeliner on one eye and is all white everwhere else. A lovely sturdy little girl. She will be ready from 10th November. SOLD.

CotonRags Erhart (male)


Erhart is all white. The black colouring around his eyes and on his nose leather is still coming in. I’ve just looked at him and since the photo was taken, 2 days ago, his nose is nearly all black now. He likes to sleep in his back. Erhart is SOLD and going to join his new people in Chester.

CotonRags Emmanuel (male)


Known as Little Manny around here, but I don’t why as he is not  the smallest of the bunch. He just has that babyness about him. Emmanuel has very pale fawn ears and quarter mask, the rest of his coat is white. Emmanuel is changing his name to Teddy and moving to East Grindstead. SOLD

CotonRags Edmund (male)

Edmund is such a sweetie. If I were allowed to have favourites he would be it. He is sporting a black batman mask that will stay black as he grows and the rest of his body is white. Edmund is now SOLD and will be joining the Pepper family.


CotonRags Phoebe (female)

phoebe1  phoebe2

As I write, Pheobe is enjoying a rough and tumble with her sister Petunia. She has the least fierce growl I have ever heard. Pheobe’s distinguishing mark is one ‘black eye’. Hopefully her table manners will have improved by the time she is chosen!


Here is a current photo of Pheobe at 5wks of age. She is playful and friendly; not at all timid. Phoebe will be joining Sarah and family in Bermuda! Lucky Phoebe. SOLD

CotonRags Paperlace (female)

paperlace1  paperlace2

Paperlace is all white. The black skin pigmentation round her eyes, nose, paw pads etc is coming in. She is a sweet little girl, usually to be found somewhere near the bottom of the sleeping puppy pile.


Her new owners interrupted their holiday in France to secure her as their new member of the family. She should feel very honoured. SOLD

CotonRags Pillbeam (female)

pillbeam1 pillbeam2

Pillbeam is our little adventuress. Very happy-go-lucky. Of the litter she was the first one to leave the nest and is till the leader when it comes to exploring. Pillbeam has the most colour in her coat with good even black markings to her face and ears, back and tail.


Pillbeam will be going to live in Ireland. SOLD

CotonRags Pebbles (female)

pebbles1  pebbles2

Pebbles has tan markings on her head at present but these should fade to pure white as she grows. Today was the first time the puppies were given toys and she has taken a real liking to a pink fluffy flamingo. Pebbles has also discovered that tummy tickles are great fun.


Pebbles has changed her name to Maisie. She seems to have boundless energy as shown in this picture. She will be living with Crystal and may be having a South African flavour to her life. SOLD

CotonRags Petunia (female)

petunia2  petunia1

Petunia is the baby of the bunch. She knows that a pitiful little cry will bring her Mum or Me along to see what the problem is so she does it when the only problem is that she would like our company. She’s not a fuss pot most of the time and plays quite happily with her sisters. 


Petunia has now become Chillie. She will be that “wonderful companion” to Alice. Perhaps Chillie will bring a smile or two to the Hospice patients when she goes visiting. I hope so. SOLD