Coton Rag Picture Gallery


Pebbles/Maisie showing how we encourage toilet training before the puppies leave, hoping that it will help to start good habits from the word go.


I have been trying to introduce toilet training and now that the girls are a bit older their Dad, Dillon, thinks he should get involved in their education too. First he taught them how to role around the garden like a daft thing.


Then he taught them how to dig holes under my garden seat. All important things to know for a dog I suppose.


Prudence’s puppies were very popular at the vet’s when they went for their vaccination.


Just to show how well the puppies and kittens get on together. Noddy, the young red and white cat in the picture, likes to put his head close to the pen so that the puppies get a chance to gently pull his ears. Very strange!


Cloves has become the cherished pet of the Jeals family.


Emanuel, renamed Teddy, worn out after the excitement of his first day with new owner.


A photo sent to me months later entitled Me and my best friend. I love getting news about the puppies who have left.


Molly fitting in to new home


My happy tail gang


Here is Emerson (Pomme) on the first day in his new home saying hello to his new big brother.

Elliot (1)

This lovely photo of (Elliott) Oscar was sent by his owner Judith so this is how he looks at 7 months old.


Here is Molly (Phoebe as was) at 18 months completely at home with her Dad, Stuart. It’s so nice to get to see how they grow up so thanks to Sarah for sending the photos.


This is Ollie with his forever family. Completely relaxed!