Sales Agreement



Purchasers of CotonRags puppies for pet homes will be asked to agree to, and sign this contract.


(Puppy purchase contract download)


CotonRags Puppy Purchase Contract 

Section 1: Dog’s detail


Registered Name:

Registration No. :

Breed: Coton De Tulear

Date of Birth:




This is to confirm that the sale of the dog described above (“the Dog”) has taken place between…


Section 2: Details of both parties


Breeder’s name:

Breeder’s Address:

Breeder’s Tel. No.:




Purchaser’s Name:

Purchaser’s Address:

Purchaser’s Tel. No.:


Section 3: Health & Welfare


The Breeder has taken every care with breeding, rearing and the welfare of the Dog. The Dog is believed to be in good health and it is sold in good faith. The Breeder makes no warranty however as to the health or disposition of the Dog.


Every effort has been made to avoid any possible inherited conditions. Conditions known/thought to be inherited in the breed are:


Canine Multifocal Retinopathy type 2 (CMR2)

Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia (BNAt)


Relevant, existing screening schemes have been used and copies of the relevant results have been provided.


The purchaser is strongly advised to take the Dog to their vet, soon after purchase, for a general check and advice on inoculations and worming.


Section 4: Purchaser’s Right to Return the Dog in the Case of a Defect


The Purchaser(s) shall have 7 days to have the Dog examined by a practicing veterinary surgeon and shall have the right during a period not exceeding 7 days after such examination to return the Dog because of a defect (other than described below) on production of a written report from the said veterinary surgeon, at which time the Purchaser(s) will be refunded the full purchase price.


[Where appropriate… The Purchaser(s) hereby acknowledge(s) that the Breeder has disclosed the following faults or defects in the Dog…………]


Should it become necessary, the Purchaser(s) should be aware that the return of a Dog can be very difficult, especially emotionally and, having drawn the attention of the Purchaser(s) to this, the Breeder cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by the return of the Dog.


Section 5: Endorsements


The Purchaser(s) agrees that the Dog is bought purely as a pet.  It is understood that being registered with APRI the Dog would not qualify to be shown at Kennel Club events.


Having been shown the registration document for the Dog, the Purchaser agrees that the Breeder will retain said registration document until such time as the Purchaser has had the Dog neutered and presented the Breeder with proof from the veterinary surgeon. This should take place by the age of 10 months and without having any litters or being used as a stud. On receipt of proof (a copy of the invoice stating the Dog’s micro-chip number) the Breeder will forward the registration document, duly signed, to the Purchaser.


Section 6: Rehoming of the Dog.


The Purchaser(s) agree that if, at any stage in the Dog’s life, the Purchaser(s) need to rehome the Dog, the Breeder will be the first to be informed and the Purchaser(s) will, if the Breeder requests return the Dog to the Breeder. The Breeder will offer every reasonable assistance to find a new home.


Section 7: Date, Declarations and Signatures.


Date of Sale & Purchase:


Purchase Price Received by Breeder: £


Declaration by Purchaser:

  1. Declaration by Purchaser:

I/We confirm that I/We have read and had a full explanation of all the detail and meaning of this contract prior to purchase and I fully understand its purpose and reason. I/We also confirm that I/We are purchasing this Dog for myself/ourselves and not as agents for a third party.

 Signed (Purchaser(s)



  1. Signature of Breeder:

I confirm that I am the Breeder of said Dog.

Signed (Breeder)




All puppies sold will be inoculated and wormed. It will come with a 5 generation pedigree, four weeks free insurance cover and a starter pack of food that the puppy is familiar with.

I am easily obtainable by phone or email if an owner has any concerns with their new puppy and I absolutely love to hear how they are getting on as time passes.