Cotons we cooked earlier


Hi Jean,

Just thought we’d let you know that Stanley (Happy) has settled in really well to his new home. We had him checked out by our own vets Who gave him a clean bill of health and we are booked in for more injections next week.

He is very happy, loves his toys and enjoys playing with Harry and Madison. We can’t wait to take him out for his first walk. He’s already learnt to sit and is going to the toilet outside regularly.

Best Wishes

John, Sam, Harry, Madison and Stanley


Hamish in new home

Hi Jean,

Hope all is well. Just an update on Griffins progress so far!

He has settled in so well with us, he is such a lovely little puppy all he wants to do is play and have cuddles. He is very easily pleased.
On the first car journey home he didn’t make any fuss atal, the first night he found hard and got quite upset but he has since settled in to his new bedroom routine and goes through the night now without a peep.
His toilet training is also coming on well, he is such a clever little dog and has already learnt the ‘sit and stay’ command.

I took him for his checkup with our vet and all is well, he loved the attention that he got from everyone there! the only thing was that the brand for the jabs they use at my vet wasn’t compatible with the brand that your vet had used so he had to start his jabs again so 2 weeks until walkies, but we have been taking him for carry outings and he loves it, he is so friendly with everyone he meets.

Iv attached a few pictures and will send more soon

Best wishes


Tabitha and Wai x


PHOEBE/MOLLY  (17.9.2012)


“Thank you to Jean at CotonRags for going above and beyond to help us adopt Molly and bring her to Bermuda.  Molly had already begun her potty training before she arrived and consequently has caught on very quickly!  The puppies are raised in a home environment and Jean makes every effort to begin their socialization so they are ready for their new family. CotonRags is a great choice if you are looking for a responsible breeder of these amazing coloured Cotons!”
Molly had her first visit to the beach this weekend so I will send you a photo when I manage to get them onto my computer.  She wasn’t overly convinced by the water… but loved the seaweed!

Dear Jean,

………She’s everything we expected and more, and my parents are absolutely loving having her during the day time.  I think she’s found her soulmate in my dad! (when I go to see her at lunch time they are always getting up to something).

I took her to the shop where I work this morning and she met Lobo (another Coton).  She was a bit scared at first, but then we took them for a walk together and when we got back to the store we let them off their leashes on the second floor and they went beserk running around and playing!  ……….


PETUNIA/CHILLIE  (30.8.2012)

petunia_thumb          petunia1_thumb


Master and Hound … a later photo of Petunia/Chillie in her forever home.


Dear Jean,
Lovely to meet you too and thanks so much for our wonderful puppy.
She is currently sleeping on my knee after a walk in the park!

We had a bit of an interesting trip home – car sick halfway, but we stopped at a park and had some air and she made it the rest of the way.  Slept like a baby in her crate – no crying either first night or last night, and now seems completely settled.  She is very good at peeing and pooing outside, has learnt to sit on demand and walks beautifully to heel on the lead…we have even been off the lead and she comes back reliably now (we had to do some rewarding with treats on that one) or circles around me as I walk.  Cats are ignoring her and everyone is happy in the same room.

We are having a lovely time – can’t tell you what a joy she is!

Will send you some photos – they aren’t in this computer but will send them on later tonight. Very best wishes and thanks for breeding such a lovely well balanced puppy,
Alice, Dave and Chillie x x x


Dearest Jean,
How lovely to hear from you and ….. of course you have permission to publish my emails and photos too, you can even give my details for recommendations about what I think about the breed!!!!  We have been having the most wonderful time – I can’t actually begin to tell you about the joy that Chillie has brought not just to us, but the Hospice patients and so very many other people on our travels and walks…she brings a smile to so many faces.

We have been given the special privilege of working at St. Wilfrid’s Hospice from puppyhood, and Chillie has been both a massive hit and been wonderfully behaved from day one. Today she was a great comfort to a lady who was feeling very, very poorly…she has actually done three paintings of her (I work as an art therapist) and today they just sat together and cuddled.  However, exemplary behaviour has not been consistent outside the Hospice….she is, as I write, terrorizing a tennis ball in the kitchen whilst the cats sit on the work surfaces in disgust.  This is one of her mad 5 minutes and actually, I have found my Ragdoll cat in bed with her in the mornings, (they play ball together too) and my very snooty old lady cat completely relaxed in her company…even on ground level!
I enclose some photos – she’s grown so much…she’s been paddle boarding, sailing, swimming and she LOVES digging, digging, digging on the beach…then sitting in the deep cool holes with her spotty tummy on the ground.  We assume this is the Madagascan within!
Yesterday we started puppy training classes…she was the most quiet and timid one in the room of crazy puppies…and very quick to learn all the commands….we have to work on confidence and on the lead work as she has the stubborn trait of sitting down and refusing to budge when she’s not in the mood!  You told me about this before!  We are doing ‘treat led’ stuff to help but she is very choosy about only working to new tasty treats…!  Cheeky.
With all our love
Alice, Dave, Chillie and the cats x x x x x
Hi Jean,
Sincere apologies that it took me this long to get back to you. Clara, now known Jemie (pronounced the French way) has settled down really well. Apart from a little cry on the way back from you, she has been really happy about life. She has met Ramsay and Brucie of course, then my partner, all my gardeners, my employee and daughter, mother over Skype and everyone is crazy about wanting to meet her. She is already booked in at the vets.  She is already jumping like a trapeze artist and swirls around for a little treat! I am thinking of having her professionally trained then she could perform tricks for ill children at hospitals , little kids love all that. She is a real sweetheart and we all fell in love with her. Will definitely keep you updated of her progress. I know, you will have so much news from the new owners that you will lose count in the end! Still I hope it is just a good feedback what I lovely well bred dog you gave us. She will be loved forever by everyone.
Hope you like the video




Hi Jean,

We have attached some photos of Eliza playing in the garden.  She loves the football and playing in the garden.  She isn’t so keen when it rains!! On the journey home Eliza travelled well.  She has settled really well and loves Kyle, he lies by her    bed and we have attached a picture of them both together.  Eliza being one chilled puppy has helped Kyle already to start to rebuild his confidence.

We will keep in touch and update you with photos.

Kind regards,
Stuart and Sharon H


Dear Jean,
Here is a photo of Fleur taken today – she is looking white and clean as she had just been groomed.  I can assure you she does not look quite like this as she loves the garden and getting covered in mud!
She is a very confident dog and nothing seems to worry her at all.  She is good with other dogs big and small and gets on well with our Golden Retriever Otis.
She is never on her own and if we go away for a day she goes to a lady who we know who has a Great Dane and a Béarnaise Mountain Dog puppy who is the same age – she can hold her own with them and is in charge.  She in fact is in charge in our house of the cats and Otis and probably us too!
Hope the rest of the puppies are doing fine.
Kind regards
Ann P


Click here to view a video of Edmund - For an Apple Mac view here


Dear Jean,
Edmund has been wonderful. He slept all the way through the car journey home and was really happy following us around learning lots of new tricks.
He was quiet at first last night, but then wanted to play at 1.30 am! Eventually settled down though.This is a picture and video of Edmunds first night and him fetching!
He has a great even temperament and although we have only had him 24 hours I feel like he is part of the family. Today he came to my 7 year old sister’s birthday party and he really enjoyed meeting everyone.
Again thank you so much for everything,
Love from the Peppers


Hi Jean,
She’s just fine, a feisty little thing, she gives Harley as much as she gets! He is very gentle with her, but a very powerful dog and doesn’t realise his strength, but she’s eaten his food and stolen his bone and he’s just stood back and watched. They are still getting used to each other, but play a lot and I’m sure they’ll be just fine.
At the moment they are both lying at my feet in my study as I work!
I’ll update you as things go along.
Warm regards


Hello just wanted to send you a picture of our Columbo celebrating his first birthday, he has completed our family, he is such a good dog and fantastic personality Loves water been in the pool with the children a few times!!
From Luke and family.


ErhartAlvin1_thumb         ErhartAlvin2_thumb


Hi Jean :)
I just thought I’d update you on Alvin and let you know how well he is doing here in Chester :)
He has settled in really well and he loves his walks along the canal near our home. He likes to lie on the balcony in the evenings watching other dogs/people walking past and he still loves to sleep on his back too.
When we first bought him home, he met my mother in law’s dog Teddy, a minature schnauzer and they have become inseperable :) Alvin is great around other dogs and all of our friends and family have fallen in love with him and his unique character. Me and Dan get greeted every morning by him with a teddy, a sock or sometimes a shoe!
I have attached some photos for you, the last one of him with short hair is from his new cut last week.
Hope all yours are well :)
EMERSON/POMME    (13/5/2013)

Hi Jean,

We just wanted to update you on Emerson. We have decided to change his name to Pomme, as it is French and also like a pom-pom!

The journey in the car went very well – he wasn’t sick and didn’t go to the toilet. He has been settling in all afternoon and gets on well with Sunny, our labrador, who is very gentle with him.

Here are some photos that we just took of him.

All the best,

Ida, Nigel, Alice and Isabel

egalatinazoe1_thumb  egalatinazoe2_thumb
Hello Jean
Hope you are well and all the Cotons as well. Just wanted to send you some pictures of my little Zoe. She is really sweet girl and everybody loves her. She travels on my bike with me to work every day and she really likes it! On weekends we have new adventures as well, so she is growing happily.


Sorry I have not been in touch, he was really good travelling home; he wasn’t sick, didn’t poo or wee because he held it until we got home then he did a really big wee! He has brought a smile and an awww to everyones’ faces including my teachers!!
love, Charlotte


Hi Jean,
I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that Perdy is doing very well and is now very settled member of the family. She is loving her country walks and equally loves going to town to be admired by all who meet her! She is also doing very well with her training  – she is very quick to learn. So all in all, we are very pleased with our beautiful Coton girl. I have attached a photo of Perdy out in the woods with my daughters Bella and Clara. Her colour is fading rapidly now around her eyes so she is starting to look quite different.


I wanted to let you know that Henry was a little star on the long road home and all the family fell in love at first sight.

He slept through the night with not a peep – he has used the pad everytime – just number 2’s to deal with now!
He has also been for his vet check today and was pronounced a very healthy wee man!

Thank you again

Angela & family

Periwinkle in new home

Dear Jean,
Hope you are well and the fluffily ones.
Perri is amazing going to get some pics over for you. She is simply stunning and would make a champion without doubt. She is a perfect example.
Her coat is huge, she has perfect ink staining around the eyes,  jet black nose, eyes, lips and pads.
We love her so much and so does Tinkerbelle they are inseparable and play all day.
We are thinking of another so wondered if you had any pups planned we love these little dogs so much. Not decided definitely just wondered if you were expecting any.
Dawn x
ELRICK/ALFIE   16.11.2014
 Oscar and Alfie
Hi Jean,
Alfie has settled in great at home. He had a very easy drive home just slept the whole way and got a lovely welcome from Oscar when he got here. He has made himself right at home claiming Oscar’s bed as his own and running off with all his toys, though the first thing he found to play with was the little rag you gave us last time we visited.
The two boys seem to be getting on really well. Oscar has been so gentle with him and they have been playing non stop. Alfie’s such a confident little chap he has no problem starting a punch up with Oscar and gives as good as he gets. I can see already they are going to be best buds.
We are so pleased with this little addition to our family.
We have set up an Instagram account for the boys and they already have lots of followers so feel free to add to your website if you like. The link is oscar and alfie
Some pics below of yesterday’s fun. Alfie’s currently sleeping under the couch and Oscar is wandering around trying to find his little friend.
Judith and Bill



ollie at new home

To: Jean Denny <>
Sent: Saturday, 22 November 2014, 22:32
Subject: Ollie

Hi Jean

Just to let you know that Ollie has been as good as gold. He was fine in the car. He’s had his 2 meals, dozed and played. He’s very calm and friendly. He’s used the pads twice and no accidents on my mum ‘s carpet. He went to sleep in his crate without a murmur when he was all played out. He has stolen all our hearts and he’s just gorgeous.

I hope all of you are not missing him too much,

Many thanks

Helen x



Hi Jean

Please use the photos if you like. Ollie is wonderful and has such a personality. He gets on with all the other dogs he meets and loves to play chase. He is the most perfect dog in the world! I have given your name to my friend, Lisa, and she may be getting in touch re having a puppy.

Kind regards

Helen x

Ollie was Earl

Ollie is doing brilliantly. He is as happy as ever. I forgot to say that he was neutered a few months ago. I hope you are all well.


ARTHUR/JAY JAY  (April 2015)

JayJay 5 Apr 15 3

To: Jean Denny <>
Sent: Sunday, 5 April 2015, 12:29
Subject: JayJay at 9 weeks

Hello Jean,

JayJay (Arthur) is settling in really well and quickly gaining lots of confidence. Favourite pastimes include licking people’s feet, lying across feet to doze and chasing his ball on a rope to pounce on it, have a good tussle and then bring it to you (presumably “dead”). I did try teaching him to sit on command, but now he sits and waits for his treat whenever he knows someone has them.

Attached are some photos taken this morning. Including one where he is expecting a treat because he is outside and he is sitting – even though he has not done a wee and nobody told him to sit! Smile

Best Wishes,


ALFRED/BEAU  16/8/2015


Hi Jean
Hope all is well with you.
Beau (Alfred) is doing very well indeed. He’s such a pleasure to have and everyone loves him!!
He’s really healthy n happy and loves doing tricks!
We have just had him neutered so wondered if you gave us his pedigree document?

ALBERT/OSCAR  5/10/2015

Albert:Oscar 1
Hello Jean,

I can’t remember when we were last in touch – it seems an age ago, during which time Oscar has grown into a wonderful intelligent, playful and affectionate little dog. He is also obedient most of the time EXCEPT when off the lead (now very rarely) and focused on other dogs, rather then ourselves. Whenever we think it’s time to test his recall again in the hope it has improved, he always fails. Even the temptation of his favourite home- made liver cake carries no sway compared to the freedom to do whatever he chooses in that moment, which is usually to run around (and away) with other dogs. Any tips would be much appreciated. We haven’t discounted a dog behaviourist in the long run as we do want him to enjoy free interaction but with some ground rules. He has 3 acres to run around in here at home which he doesn’t utilise fully because he would prefer to roll around with another dog rather than chase a ball.

We’re hoping that his constant scent marking (outdoors), and need to be around other dogs will subside a little when he has been neutered. What do you think, is it going to make much of a difference ? Otherwise, he is totally adorable and I have to remind myself he is a dog, and not to keep kissing and cuddling him, which he laps up!

With regard to the dreaded operation, Stuart and I have been swatting up on views as to the ‘right time’ for castration and we feel we would like to give him as long as possible to allow his growing body to benefit from the testosterone he is producing while intact. Ideally we would like to wait until he is a year old providing his sexual development and scent marking can be kept under control. If not, it would be brought forward.

Would you be happy to go along with this approach Jean? He is such an adorable little boy, we want to give him the best start in what could be a very, very, long life.

I look forward to hearing your views with any tips thrown in for good measure!

I hope you and the gang are all doing well, and how are your puppies Olive and (?)Archibald?

Best wishes, Inge.

PS. At what age do you advise Oscar should go onto adult dog food?

WALTER 23/11/2015

Walter w Bernie

This is Walter with his new older ‘brother’ Barney. Barney was already in this family so and not my breeding.

BORIS/BUDDY  19/11/2015

Boris now Buddy

Good Morning Jean

Hope that this email finds you well?

I have finally remembered to send you this email notifying you of Buddys castration and have attached a copy of the invoice from the Vets.

Buddy is wonderful and brings so much to our family, he’s doing really well and its hard to believe that he’s still only 9 months old. I have also attached a photo of Buddy on his first holiday.

Kind regards

Sarah, Ian, Connie, Faye and Penny



hello Jean,
just a short note to let you know that April, as we now call her, is doing so so well. we all absolutely love her, she is a gentle, clever dog and seems to fit in with whatever is happening around her. when her naughty cousins come to play she runs with the pack, yet when a friends older French bulldog visits April is calm and they sit together chewing on a chew and licking each other.
she has been totally toilet trained since we got her and there hasn’t been a single accident with her, she will fetch a ball and play IF she wishes, if not she looks at me as if to say ”you get it you threw it!!” she is happy to be brushed and groomed, and will roll over for me to do her tummy, she has lost most of her colour where her hair has been cut, though she still has a little caramel patch on her back and black trims to her ears, however with her dark eyes and black nose and mouth she is still beautiful and has the longest eyelashes of any living animal I’ve ever seen.
she comes with me to the local old folks home once a week and loves all the attention she gets while being petted, when we go to a pub/café etc.. she behaves and sits under the table, she walks with us on the lead no pulling etc.. she is a pure joy to have around.
the vets LOVE her, they hadn’t seen a coton du tulear before and she has won them over, she gets a yummy treat from them each we go (teeth checks/worming etc..not because she is ill).
today we walked to town and the local undertaker came out to make a fuss of her and then in the town park a couple got out of their car to talk to us about her and we landed up passing on your details and being invited in for a cup of tea!!!!! all down to April. she really is a ‘babe magnet’ as Charles calls her ha ha
I realise that you put all the ground work in while she was puppy with you and we are reaping the benefits.
I believe April was meant to be our dog and I couldn’t have had a better one, thank you xxxxxx Jayne watkins xx


Hi Jean
Just want to say thanks again for letting us have Uno and Snowy. Uno’s trip home was not as quiet as Snowy’s – he sat on Anika’s lap and cried most of the way. Poor baby.
Both got over-excited on seeing each other and there was a lot of sniffing, yelping, yapping, toy-snatching and some growling (from Snowy). We had to give them both a time-out in their crates — and give Snowy some full-on attention as he started acting up.
After the excitement was over, they both calmed down and had a nap. Pic attached.
The silence is golden, and harmony has been restored… till they wake up! Haha!
Thanks again and am sure we’ll be in touch for the last few bits of admin.


Bernie as adult

Hi Jean

I hope this finds you keeping well and that you had a good Christmas and New Year.

I meant to send you this attached photo before Christmas as it did make me smile. It looks as if my white cat Oscar is saying to Bernie…don’t you dare pee up this tree.

Bernie has settled so well into my house I feel as if he has been here for ever. He gets on well with both cats and very often its him that is washing the white cat. He loves that one.

He has now been to Cornwall twice on the train with me to visit my daughter and family. Both times he travelled so well and no toilet accidents despite being on there for almost 5 hours. He loves the beach.

I am finding him easy to keep clean in this weather but those knots do spring up every so often. I have found a wonderful dog groomer and she is just brilliant with him. He was due for a bath when I took this photo so he is not looking his best but he is so beautiful when you see him all brushed and groomed. I get so many comments on him. He is no longer the shy little boy I picked up that day and has turned into a right little charmer with everyone.

I expect you have now finished all your building work and all is back to normal.

I often look on pets at home to see if you had any further puppies. Not that I want another one but I love looking at them.

Best wishes to you and all your fur babies,

Wendy & Bernie